Uplighting can create a mesmerizing background for the most beautiful and well-planned Wedding or Event.
To achieve this effect, the uplights are projected on the walls and wash the room with colours. Any colour is possible and can be fully customised to match your theme colour. See the before and after photo below.
The uplights can also be placed up on trees outside of the function centre, up on walls or behind the main tables, or to light up the columns.

video supplied by Pifemaster Production

The Uplights we carry are top of the range and elegant in style. They are operated by battery and wireless. That means NO messy wires & cables.
And all lights can be controlled at once, by a touch of a button and feature RGBAW + UV, (6 colours) and approx 16 million colour combinations! Video below shows a few popular colours
Uplighting is becoming the must have special effect at weddings and events. Inquire today. Check out the video below

How many Uplights do you need?

This would depend on the size of the room(s), the number of guests, and what wall-space is available for lighting. For best results, space each light approximately 3-4 meters away from each other, but this would also depend on ceiling height.
1) Calculate how many uplights you will need for your event based on the total square meterage of the space(s) you are lighting; See our guide below.

100 square meters space = 5 Uplights 

200 square meters space = 15 Uplights

300 square meters space = 20 Uplights


2) Calculate how many uplights you will need for your event based on the number of guests you are expecting: See our guide below.
30 Guests- 4 lights
50 Guests- 7 lights
70 Guests- 10 lights
90 Guests- 12 lights
110 Guests- 15 lights
130 Guests- 17 lights
150 Guests- 20 lights
$20 per light  (1-8 lights hire)
$18 per light (9-16 Lights hire)
$15 per light (17+ lights hire)
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